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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a deputy shoots a man at a tampa apartment complex. that man is now dead. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. lots of breaking news this morning. let's get right to it. hillsborough deputies are at the windwood oaks apartment in north tampa investigating. in the last 45 minutes, we learned that the man shot died at the hospital. >> news channel 8's josh thomas is live at the apartment complex this morning. josh, what are deputies telling you about the case and the victim involved?
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short while ago as you mentioned. and hillsborough deputies are still here on the scene investigating the deputy- involved shooting that happened off of florida avenue. last night, the sheriff's office received a call about a man shouting and waiving a gun around at the windwood oaks apartments. when deputies arrived, they tried to talk to the man through the cruiser speakers but when he still would not put the gun down and approached them, he ended up being shot several times. >> we had a subject with a gun and they were in fear of their safety and the safety of others. in fact, they were concerned that he may go into another apartment and take hostages. but his direction of threats was at our personnel, and like i said, he pointed the gun at them and advanced in their direction at which time they felt they had no other choice. >> reporter: but the man who was shot and killed as been
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complex. in the meantime, no deputies were injured during this confrontation. but they have been put on administrative leave as the investigation into the shooting continues. >> all right, i know this continues to be breaking news. thank you, josh. a deadly motorcycle crash in tampa. it happened at the intersection of cypress street and dale mabry highway. detectives shut down the intersection to gather evidence but have since reopened the roads to drivers. and you can stay on top of breaking news anywhere, any time by using our. ajust download it to your smart phone. let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann. >> it's a gorgeous morning thanks to high pressure which is keeping us dry and pinning all the storms out west. so unfortunately for texas, louisiana, arkansas, the rain has been there and the rain will stay. that's why they have flood advisories and that's why we are dry. partly cloudy skies this morning but temperatures warmer
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plant city with the strawberry festival, already 66 degrees. 65 in zephyrhills. despite the fact that the average high for today is 75, i'm expecting a storm all the afternoon. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by- hour to see how we get up to 82. and meredith is going to help you get to work this morning. >> yes, getting myself together first. there. to talk about. let's show you the traffic cameras. so this is i-4 westbound near hillsborough. and you can see this is about where traffic starts to slow down. they are slowing down for this accident which is near mlk. and now the crash is off to the right-hand shoulder. we do have a road ranger taking up the inside lane which is why we're seeing the delay. overall, looking at maybe a five minute delay in this area. i would not recommend rerouteing at this time.
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we do have an accident in lakeland at cathleen and galloway, be on the lookout for that. bay area bridges up to speed. gayle and candace, back to you. crews are investigating a fire at a business. flames broke out at a kitchen design and remodeling company around 11:00 last night. it's on u.s. 41. eagle 8 hd flew over the scene when fire crews first arrived. right now, we're making calls to determine how much damage the fire caused and what started it. new this morning, an accused wrong-way driver is under arrest after he crashed into a hillsborough county deputy cruiser. eagle 8 hd flew over the scene on u.s. 301 just south of gibsonton drive during our 11:00 newscast. that's where deputies finally stopped 20-year-old derrick hyde. witnesses reported seeing a pickup truck going the wrong way. deputies used stop sticks but that only blew out a front tire. eventually deputies were able to corner the driver but not before they claim he rammed a
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no one was hurt. three cruisers were damaged. hyde is now facing several charges including battery on a law enforcement officer and possessing drug paraphernalia. the sheriff's office is investigating when they are calling a suspicious -- investigating what they are calling a suspicious incident. it happened yesterday afternoon at thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway. the girl got off the bus and then a man in his 40s or 50s drove up saying to get in because her mom was in the hospital. now the little girl was smart enough to know buy into that story. she ran away. and the man drove away. anyone with information should call pcso. time right now, 6:05. your vote, results are pouring in this morning. >> the votes are still being counted in hawaii but the projected winner is donald trump. news channel 8s lindsey mastis is live in the morning alert center.
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results this morning. >> reporter: we do. right now, michigan primary is trending here in tampa and that's a primary for both republicans and democrats. and we need to look at the winners. on the republican side, donald trump won mississippi, michigan and hawaii. senator ted cruz won idaho. >> on the democratic side, hillary rodham clinton won mississippi. michigan. but that race was neck in neck. and now the front-runners are another. >> every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. and as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> we will take many, many people away from the democrats and take many, many people away independents. and we are seeing that. >> reporter: tonight the democrats will square off in a debate in miami and tomorrow the republicans will go at it
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and now these debates will be pivotal, especially for florida senator marco rubio who is trying to win florida. it's the next primary, just to stay in the race. candace -- >> this is all leading up to the important florida primary next tuesday. both keith cate and i will be in miami for both of those debates. you can catch our coverage at 4:00. a strong and stern message from the highlands county sheriff this morning, report child abuse or you could face criminal consequences yourself. it comes as the county investigates a teacher scandal connected to porn and sexting. at a meeting with the school board, the sheriff and investigators emphasized the need for teachers and parents something is wrong. >> every one of us is responsible for reporting abuse and negligent. >> i don't care if the principal or the superintendent tells you not to do it, the law says you have to do it. >> the highlands county school
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plan when it comes to reporting abuse. day three of n the hulk hogan gawker trial will resume in a few hours. hogan whose real name is terry gene bollea believes that he has an expectation of privacy in his home and in the home of a friend. >> in the privacy of your own home, i'm not hulk hogan so i don't have have to worry about that. in my home, i'm terry gene bollea. and nobody invades my privacy at home. >> terry gene bollea is suing the gossip website for $100 million. gawker claims he is a public figure that discussed the tape publicly and therefore, they have the right to post it. time now is 6:08. and leigh spann has a look at the wednesday weather. >> i have been popular this week as i bring you the weather forecast. that's for sure. it's been spring-like every day. and nothing changes for today. temperatures when you step out the door, maybe just a touch
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and we take the leaps and hours. from 65 at 8:00. and up to 72 at 10:00 a.m. and then 77 at noon. and into the low 80s. 28 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and yeah, that's above average it's comfortable. down to about 77 by 6:00 p.m. than yesterday. we're going to be in the low to friday. yesterday was putting the best rain chances on saturday. sunday now. still about a 40% chance but a lower chance on saturday. temperatures will stay warm. we will be dropping into the upper 70s next week. but until then, low 80s well above average. on the 8s. and meredith in for leslee. yes, we have an accident tampa. near mlk. it is off to the right-hand side of the road. and we do have law enforcement onscene.
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we're getting a back up here. now extending back to hillsborough avenue. this is folks trying to merge over to avoid that right-hand lane. would i avoid this area? no. i would just count on maybe five extra minutes to your morning commute. of course, i will let you know if that changes. but for now, i would stay the course and just try to get out a little bit early. and we have a crash in pasco, northbound 54 or rather westbound 54 just past the sun coast parkway. look out for that. gayle, candace, back to you. >> thank you very much. our height and weight numbers are usually associated with our health but researchers believe they can tell more about a person. >> what researchers believe the numbers reveal about our personal lives. and a daring river rescue caught on camera. we will show you what a police officer saw as he jumped into save a man in a river. and then -- >> reporter: a new study says more and more young people are moving into the downtown area of cities all over the country.
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a study shows the young adult population is growing in downtown tampa and other metropolitan areas all over the country. so 8 on your side's ryan hughes we want to the tampa city leaders to find out what's causing the latest population
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>> reporter: downtown tampa is transforming. new high-rises, condo, shops and restaurants. 8 on your side found the population is following suit, especially with young adults. 25 to 34 years olds are interested in everything the downtown life style has to offer, even those in college ready to make their next move. >> i think the city would be best for me. i can't see myself in a rural area. >> the i were going to stay, i would stay in downtown or at least the south tampa area. i'm a city type of person. >> reporter: there appears to be a city person in a lot of young adults these days. a study shows more and more are staying in or moving to downtown areas nationwide like right here in tampa. in a decade, the population of young adults in downtown neighborhoods in tampa rose 7800. that's a 70% increase. >> experts are telling us that the two most important things are sun and water. >> reporter: we turned to the tampa casey kasem man.
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those things combined with tampa's new and innovative job, young adults are moving here in droves and spreading the word to others. >> once they see this is a great place to live, they send the signals out to all their friends in different parts of the country to come to tampa. >> reporter: reporting in downtown tampa, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> city leaders don't expect the boom to let up. with more and more changes coming to downtown, they think grow. a show of force from iran. iran's revolutionary guard reportedly test fired two ballistic missiles with the phrase "israel must be wiped out" written on the side of them. vice president joe biden is in the region right now. the man known as the fifth beatle has passed away. sir george martin produced some of the most popular beatle albums.
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road and abbey road. he won six grammys. how tall you are and how much you weigh may play a role in your social and economic status. researchers studied data on about a half million adults. they looked at education, job and income. researchers found shorter men tended to be less educated and have a lower job status. women who weighed more were at a socioeconomic disadvantage. sea world is keeping a close eye on a killer whale blamed for killing a trainer. he is sick with a bacterial innext his lungs. in 2010, the trainer divide the whale pulled her under -- died when the whale pulled her under and she died. and he is the focus of the controversial documentary "black fish." the search is on in arizona for a driver who hit a boy on a skate board and took off.
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police released the surveillance video in hopes of finding the hit-and-run driver. it happened as the boy was board. the driver then crashed into him. the impact of the crash knocked the boy down but amazingly, he survived. in fact, he only suffered bumps and bruises. and check out this river rescue caught on camera on a police officer's body cam. the connecticut officer climbed over a guardrail and jumped into a swift running river and then ran to a car that somehow crashed upside down in the water. working with other officers on the scene, he was able to pull the 35-year-old trap in the car to safety. right now, people in louisiana are bracing for more severe weather. storms tore through sleever port knocking down trees. forecasters expect the area to get another 6 to 15 inches of rain over the next couple days. and we are getting a look at how severe storms were in texas. high winds at a construction
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the winds were so is strong, it picked up a trampoline and sent it flying through one person's yard. no one was hurt. the kansas city royals are having problem, not with their game but with bees. during a spring training game in arizona, a giant swarm of bees hovered around a blue bag near the dugout. a fan in the stands happened to be a retired beekeeper was and able to remove the bees. and exactly a year ago to the spring training game. two rare leoparded cubs were born february 29th at tampa's lowry zoo. workers are bottle-feeding the twins five times a day and in a few week, the cubs are expected to open their eye, begin around. >> i could listen to that little sound they make all day. >> so, so sweet. and leigh, is the weather nearly as cute? ask me.
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hour from sunrise but it's beginning to brighten up there. here's a look at the sun's rays. 63 degrees. it is warmer than this time yesterday. but it will be mild and really comfortable around 8:00 a.m. 65 degrees. and you might think a little on 77. 82 at 3:00 p.m. it will be nice breeze. it will be a warm city. in plant city, 66 degrees. another day at the strawberry festival. 62 in weeki wachee. 64 clearwater. apollo beach, 62. and big monkey in crystal beach, also in the 60s. high pressure. we have to go to the long-range forecast because high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry which for our friends to the west, texas and louisiana, going to keep them wet. dry for us today. dry for us thursday. and basically dry on friday. although there might be a couple extra clouds. here's the change though.
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expecting the rain to sweep through here on saturday. it's now once again getting hung up back to the west. which means we will put the rain chances best on sunday at 40%. and only a 20% chance on saturday. and don't forget, this weekend it's time to spring forward. how is traffic on the 8s looking this morning? not a lot of spring happening along westbound i-4. we do have an accident near mlk. still blocking the right-hand lane. and it is causing a back-up now to hillsborough avenue. so about a mile or so. i wouldn't reroute. just plan on an extra five or 10 minutes at this point. you can see the delay. 75, 275, and so far, the veterans expressway are up to speed. candace, gayle, back to you. >> thank you so much. well the time right now is 6:20. getting free checking from banks isn't easy. >> ahead, new numbers on just how many banks still offer that perk. and st. patrick's day is about a week away.
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next, how much money people are spending to go green.
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so a lot of folks will get their irish on this s t. patrick's day. more than 125 million americans are celebrating the irish holiday this year. and they'll shell out a lot of green for the good time, an average of $35.37 per person. which probably adds up to a good amount of corn beef and cabbage, irish shooters and some green beers. well fee-free checking accounts, they are getting harder to come by. only 37% of banks offer free checking but credit unions are more than twice as likely to offer it. bank rate surveyed the nation's 50 largest credit i don't knows and found that 76% of checking accounts are free.
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regardless of balance or activity. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, in the next half hour, the dramatic rescue of two children from a burning car. we will explain who governor got about the danger and dashed straight into the flames -- who forgot about the danger and
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all right. it's 6:28. so as you send the kids to the bus stop this morning, quite mild, don't even need the long sleeve, 56 degrees. in fact, when they come home from school, hot almost at 282 degrees. that's warmer than yesterday. some of you might feel a little like emoji man, got allergy, look at him, he can barely breathe because it's so stuffy. pollen in the high category today, tomorrow and friday. sorry, meredith. >> thank you. we have slow traffic
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fairgrounds near hillsborough avenue. there's an accident at mlk off to the right-hand shoulder. add on five to 10 minutes for the commute in this area. and an accident on 19 at 56th avenue north. and pasco, westbound along 54, just past the sun coast parkway. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. a lot going on this morning. we start with breaking news. while you were sleep, a man died at the hospital after being shot by four deputies at a north tampa apartment complex. and now the investigation is underway at the windwood oaks complex on shallow tail court. >> our josh thomas is there digging for more information. and he is now live. josh, what can you tell us about what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: well, we know that the man was confronted by deputies and did not put down the gun.
6:31 am
deputies are still on the scene of the shooting that happened late last night at an apartment complex off florida avenue. this all start when had the sheriff's office got a call about a man who was shouting and waiving a gun around at the windwood oaks apartments. when they arrived, they saw the man who has been identifieded as 27-year-old jeffrey casale. they tried talking to him through the pa systems on cruisers as they tried to deescalate the situation. >> he had some dialogue with them. it was very aggressive and confrontational. they kept asking him to drop the gun. he refused to and pointed it directly at them and advanced in their direction at which time they were in fear of their into custody. >> reporter: now we are told that casale did live at this apartment complex. he was shot several times and taken to a local hospital where he died just about an hour, hour and a half ago. we should note that no deputies
6:32 am
but the investigation into the shooting is continuing. >> all right. developing story, josh, thank you. well to stay on top of breaking news anywhere, any time, download our news channel 8 app to your smart phone. it is free. the time right now is 6:32 on this wednesday morning and looks like we're in store for another great day, leigh. >> yeah, the sun is coming up. a lot of people maybe headed to the beach today with the warmer than average weather. st. pete beach, 66 degrees. 66 in tampa. 66 in st. pete. and in plant city. 63 degrees in bradenton. so when you head to the strawberry festival in plant city, cool acts on stage with ray stevens at 3:30 and martina mcbride at 7:30. this morning, it will be pleasant when the doors open at 74 degrees at 10:00 a.m. and warm at 3:00 p.m., 83. and i went to plant city to talk to a school. and of course, couldn't not get the strawberry short cake and
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strawberry, the ice cream and whipped cream and cake. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will have the eight-day forecast for you that looks good. >> strawberries also go well on pancakes. let's give you a look at what's going on along i-4. there's a minor accident westbound near mlk and now it has traffic getting slow before hillsborough avenue. so you are looking at about a 15 miles per hour delay westbound i-4 between 75 and downtown. 275 getting generally busy, southbound out of north tampa but accident-free. gayle, candace, back to you. >> thank you. an 8 on your side alert about a troubling incident in parents, you're going to want to listen up and talk to your kids about this one. law enforcement is looking for a middle aged man driving a car that approached a young girl as she walked home from school. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is following the story for us center.
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>> reporter: well, gayle, this is a very scary situation, especially for parents and kids. and that's why this is one of the top clicked stories on our website right now. the polk county sheriff tells us the 11-year-old girl got off the bus and started walking toward home when a car pulled up and then the driver tried to coerce her to get in the car with him and told her, your mom is in the hospital and she sent us to get you. luckily, the girl ran away. this happened around 4:00 in the afternoon. the girl got off the bus at thousand oaks boulevard and the car approach her -- approached her as she walk add the ronald reagan parkway. the car has tinted windows, black rims and a black back bumper. the man is in his late 40s to 50s, short hair, salt and pepper goatee and is sun burned or has a red complexion. he was wearing a dark green shirt with orange lettering on the front. when the girl started running
6:35 am
the girl ran home and told her mother who then contacted law enforcement. this is a good time to have the discussion with your kids about what to do if something like this happens to them. >> sure. because a lot of parent, we all have the discussions with your children and then you stop and think, would they have been as quick-thinking to know that it was a lie and to run. so definitely worth revisiting. thank you, lindsey. now to your vote and the results of a brand new ynn poll. this morn -- new cnn poll. this morning, donald trump is pulled ahead of marco rubio by more than 15 points and he is ahead of john kasich. all eyes are on the primary next tuesday where we could see some candidates bow out. this morning trump is celebrating a big win in michigan. he says he feels confident ability a win here in florida. >> i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. [ applause ] >> i love florida. special place. and i think we're going to do
6:36 am
i think we're going to do really well in ohio. now that i have paul o'neal's endorsement, i know i'm going to win ohio. >> trump has 443 delegates of the 1237 needed to win the nomination. on the democratic side, it was a huge night for senator bernie sanders. he won the primary in michigan which was a big upset for front runner hillary rodham clinton. this morning senator sanders insist his biggest wins are yet to come. >> the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very very well on the west coast and other parts of this country. >> senator sanders has 567 delegates of the 2383 needed for that party nomination. in other race, hillary rodham clinton took mississippi. this win gives clinton a total of 1234 delegates, more than
6:37 am
but right now, she is leading in that new poll in both florida and ohio. donald trump has also won in mississippi. and while you were sleep, results came from the gop caucuses in hawaii. the winner there is also donald trump. senator ted cruz won the state of idaho which gives him a total of 346 delegates. senator sanders and hillary rodham clinton will once again debate tonight right here in the sunshine state. the debate which is their second show down in four days aims to get the very important latino vote here in florida. it will be moderated by reporters from univision and the washington post. news channel 8 will be there for the debate. we're sending our own keith cate and candace mccowan. she is headed to miami really right after the show. and the republican debate tomorrow. you can catch our coverage beginning this evening on first at 4:00. time now 6:37. this morn, the tampa bay lightning is tied for first in the atlantic division.
6:38 am
battle on the ice last night at bruins. at the end of regulation, neither team had scored. 10 seconds into overtime, the bruins snuck the game winner past the goalie bishop. final score 1-0. both teams are tied for the division lead with more win. the bolts hit the ice again friday against the philadelphia fliers at amalie arena. time now is 6:38. and it is warming up here. >> it certainly is. we are seeing temperatures this morning even warmer than this time yesterday. and we're going to warm up so quick. just leaps and bounds with these temperatures each hour. let me show you, 65 degrees at 8:00 a.m. already 72 by 10:00. 77 at lunchtime. 82 at 3:00 p.m. that's a quick climb up through the day. and still very mild, 7:00 p.m., 76 degrees which means a lot of you will take advantage of the spring weather by going to the spring training games.
6:39 am
philly, nationals tigers and all starting just after 1:00. and going to be hot at the beginning of the game, upper 70s near 80 degrees and getting hotter put the sunscreen on and enjoy liquid refreshment in the way of water to stay hydrated. low to mid-80s for the next several days and only trend slightly cooler next week. because you're at the baseball game, water is what everyone -- >> water. that's right. >> every time. >> yeah, $8 water. >> right. so i was optimistic that a crash on westbound i-4 near mlk was going to get out of the way before rush hour. that did not happen. let's take you over and show you where the delays begin. right here at about 75, you will start hitting the brakes. so looking at about a 10 minute delay right now between 75 and downtown on westbound i-4. so drive. southbound 275, no surprises, you're getting slow from about bearss all the way in through hillsborough avenue.
6:40 am
and southbound veterans expressway starts to slow down approaching waters. gayle, candace, back to you. >> thank you. a man's character put to the test when he finds a bag full of money. >> ahead, what he decided to do with the money. and then, he's being called a hero this morning. tough see how a state trooper saved two children from a burning car. first, hear from one of the passengers who was inside that flight to clearwater that was canceled over the weekend. his story right after this
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
we are following breaking news out of the northwest at this hour. nine firefighters were injured in a massive explosion just before 5:00 a.m. our time in seattle. take a look at the pictures coming in to the newsroom right now. it sent debris scatter add cross the neighborhood. it also shattered windows and buildings as far as two blocks away. at this hour, it's unknown the
6:44 am
we will continue to follow this breaking story. an 8 on your side follow-up on a proposal delayed after a flight from indiana reported problems this past weekend. now we're hearing from a passenger. crews worked on the flight 891 monday after mechanical issues forced the plane to turn around on the runway. passenger matt wilson was among the 153 passengers onboard that flight. he was traveling to the bay area to pop the question to his girlfriend. instead, he recalls hearing a huge pop on the plane. >> probably getting close to when the nose might have been starting to go up. and all of a sudden, right next to me, there's a huge pop. no one panicked. everyone stayed pretty calm. >> well, according to wilson, the cabin filled with smoke for about five to 10 seconds. the airline said the aircraft has been taken out of service and they continue to evaluate and diagnose the cause.
6:45 am
ifer the second day in a row, we are hearing about deputies arresting a naked woman. this time it happened in sante fe, new mexico after she allegedly crashed her car into a pickup truck. take a look at the surveillance video. when the deputy goes around, there's the woman. you see her running naked. the driver identified as a 51- year-old did not pull over when deputies attempted a traffic stop. instead, authorities say she continued driving at speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. she now faces several charges including reckless driving and dwi but it is still not clear why she was naked in her car. >> you're right, back to back day, what's going on ladies and. fire investigators will be back at a pinellas park restaurant this morning to try to determine what started a fire there. the fire sparked in the kitchen after the restaurant was closed. this is eagle 8 hd video of the scene. nearby businesses were evacuated because of the smoke. no one was hurt.
6:46 am
of drunk driving and going right into the back of a police car. st. petersburg police say the cruiser was parked with the lights on when kathy maloney ran into it. the officer was not seriously hurt. maloney is charged with dui. a u.s. senator wants the obama administration to ease up restrictions on investment in cuba so that american hotels can operate there. the minnesota democrat sent a letter to the secretaries of treasury and commerce stating that the u.s. hospitality industry needs a fair shot. she claims hotel operators in sprain and the uk already have negotiations in place to build hotels in cuba. well, our own keith cate is headed to cuba this month. he will be following president barack obama on his visit. you will be able to watch the reports right here on news channel 8. well two young children are alive this morning after a california highway patrol
6:47 am
check this out. it's dramatic video. [ screaming ] >> here, take your kid! what are you doing? come on! >> the officer happened to be driving behind the car when he noticed the smoke. he got them to pull over and some adults were able to get out but the back doors were locked. that made it harder to get the children out. the good news, the family is going to be okay after being treated for smoke inhalation. a lot of people were caming in, why didn't the parents jump in apparently the parents in a state of shock. and thank goodness he was there. $15,000 in cash right there in the middle of the street. would you keep it? look for the owner? or turn it in? >> a test of character. one pennsylvania man did the latter and the police department is still baffled. they still can't find the owner. no one has reported it missing or stole and no business has reported any robberies no.
6:48 am
would have thought to keep it and hush, right? -- robberies. no doubt, at least some of us would have thought to keep it hush, right? >> i just came back from vacation. but it's not my way. >> the police department claims they deal with bad people day in and day out so when they came to return the thousands of dollars of unclaimed cash, all they could really say is thank you. i'm sure they were shocked. >> i'm with that guy. not my way. i mean, couldn't live with myself. >> it would be hard to sleep at night knowing that it was my bank account. thing. it's a beautiful morning. i do take bribes though to keep the weather like this. lakewood ranch, 63 degrees. forecast calls for comfortable conditions this morning. feeling quite warm for the lunch break, 77 with an afternoon high of 28. it is above average but it's close to what we had yesterday.
6:49 am
nice southeast breeze throughout day. and tampa at 66. also 66 in st. pete. and how about 62 in fish hawk. and 64 in plant city. very nice way to get the day started, right? and i checked in with betty in plant city, she is at 5 4 degrees. i talked about breeze from the east to southeast at this point. at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. and we will get stronger throughout the day, up to about a 15 miles per hour wind. it's all because of high pressure. typically like high pressure, it leads to dry conditions but it will keep the storms pinned way back to the west. so that we are high and dry. and warming up. thanks to a consistent southeast wind in the morning. mild again in the morning under sunshine. and tomorrow should be actually the warmest day, low to mid- 80s. still that southeast breeze. and next best rain chance comes late saturday into sunday. and don't forget this weekend it's time to spring forward. meredith is in for leslee. let's check on traffic on the 8s. good morning.
6:50 am
westbound i-4 near mlk has cleared. traffic still a little bit sluggish. it's going to the take a few minutes to get back up to speed. but no need to reroute for the morning drive. howard franklin bridge, northbound 275 starting to see those typical delays as you approach the tampa side. hit-and-run, southbound on the veterans expressway, just past dale mabry no. lanes blocked. typically slow traffic there on the veterans expressway. you have an accident on 19 near 56th avenue north. minor delays in both directions. candace, gayle, over to you. all right. take a look at this. it's a site in south africa. it shows an ostrich chasing down two cyclist. the weekend. it lasts for several minutes before the ostrich lost road. but the cyclist claim they were going about 30 miles per hour
6:51 am
and they said he had no problems keeping up. it was a race they were on. maybe the ostrich wanted to join in. >> get in and have some fun. something to do. >> right. what you need to know before you walk out the doorer is next. >> including an 8 on your side alert for parents. what deputies sent a little girl running. and hillsborough deputies encounter a man waiving a gun and screaming. what happened next that has
6:52 am
6:54 am
breaking overnight. a man welding a gun is shot and killed by deputies at a north tampa apartment complex. >> the investigation is underway at the windwood oaks complex on swallow tail court. our josh thomas live at the scene. >> reporter: the man who died, who was shot and killed died
6:55 am
this all started late last night when a call came in about a man waiving a gun and shouting at the windwood oaks apartment complex off florida avenue. the man shot and killed has been identified as 27-year-old jeffrey casale. and he did live at the apartment complex. now we are told deputies tried talking to him through the pa system on the cruisers as they tried to deescalate the situation but when casale approached them with a gun, they felt threatened by his actions and shot him several times. no deputies were injured during the confrontation but they have been placed on administrative leave. the investigation into the shooting is continuing. >> thank you. new overnight, a deadly motorcycle crash in tampa. it happened at the intersection of cypress street and dale mabry highway. detectives shut down the intersection for hours to gather evidence but the road is now back open. crews are investigating a fire at a business. flames broke out at the kitchen design and remodeling company on u.s. 41.
6:56 am
to figure out how much damage the fire caused and what started it. an accused wrong-way driver is under arrest after he crashed into a hillsborough county deputy cruiser. deputies used stop sticks and a pit mover maneuver -- pit maneuver to stop derrick hyde. polk county is investigating a suspicious incident. they claim a man approached an 11-year-old girl as she got off her school bus at thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway. he told her to get in the car because her mom informs the hospital. the little girl was smart enough to run away and not buy into the story. the man took off. two state primary results michigan. bernie sanders beat hillary rodham clinton on the many mississippi. on the republican side, donald trump keeps winning.
6:57 am
senator ted cruz won idaho. and now the candidates will focus on next tuesday's primary right here in florida. senator sanders and hillary rodham clinton will once again debate tonight right here in the sunshine state. the debate is in miami and it aims to get the very important latino vote here in florida. >> well, news channel 8 will be there for the debate. i along with news channel 8's keith cate are headed to miami to cover tonight's debate and tomorrow's republican face-off. you can catch our coverage beginning this evening on first at 4:00. a mild start to this wednesday. notice how much warmer when you walkout side. already 67 in tampa. 65 in st. petersburg. 64 plant city. 63 in bartow. and we go up from there. so lots of sunshine this morning. already 77 by noon. 82 at 3:00 p.m. so warm but a warm breeze out there as well. tomorrow, just a touch warmer at 64. and i've shifted that biggest rain chance to now sunday.
6:58 am
this weekend. no surprises on the traffic map, westbound i-4, sluggish between i-75 through mlk due to an earlier accident. and minor delays southbound 75 approaching i-4. 275, heavy from bearss through about busch boulevard. heavy on the howard franklin right on the tampa side. and in pinellas county, an accident on 19, 56th avenue north. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> and thank you for joining us this morning. >> we're going to stay on top of the breaking news for you during the "today" show and first at 4:00 is our next newscast. mr. . >> have a great one.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. good night. donald trump stays ahead in the republican contest. >> i wouldn't say anybody didn't do well who didn't do well. only one person did well donald trump. >> brings props to his victory rally to take on critics of his business empire. >> make the finest wine, as good of wine as you can get anywhere >> we'll join us live. on the democratichillary


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